• Offer

    Offers are binding contracts to buy or sell specific amount of shares. Offers can be freely edited or deleted before they result in a trade. If offer doesn't result in a trade, it will be removed at the end of day it expires.

  • Sell offer

    Sell offers of an users can contain only as many shares as the user owns. For example if you are already have sell offer for all your shares and you wish to sell a smaller batch at a lower price, you must first decrease the share amount in the first offer or remove it.

    Single sell offer can result in one or many trades.

  • Buy offer

    Buy offer with "Single trade" -option can result in zero or one trade. Without the "Single trade" -option, single buy offer can result in zero, one or multiple trades.

  • Trade

    Trade is made automatically when conditions of buy and sell offers meet. There is no need to manually accept trade. Buyer is responsible for trade fee and bank transfer fees.

    When there are multiple matching offers, oldest offers takes the priority. Modifying the offer also updates the age of the offer. If the buy offer contains higher price than the sell offer, the price is same as the sell offer price.

    If company's Articles of association contains restrictions to the trading, they are followed. For example pre-emption clause gives existing owners a priority in buying shares. Please contact the company or Yritysdiileri for more details.

  • Committing a trade

    Yritysdiileri commits the trade when following items are taken care of:

    1. Buyer and seller are notified of the new trade
    2. Any trading restrictions in company's Articles of association are observed and followed
    3. Trade papers are done and signed
    4. Transfer tax is paid
    5. Trade fee and other possible fees are paid
    6. Money and shares are exchanged


  • User

    User is a person or a company which has registered to Yritysdiileri. Users can participate in trading.

  • Listed company

    Shares of listed company can be traded on Yritysdiileri.

  • Trading

    Users make buy and sell offers which result in trades. Trading of company shares can be public or open only to invited users.

  • Public trading

    Public trading of a listed company's shares means that each user and Yritysdiileri visitor can see the company, it's offers and charts and other related information. All users can participate in the trading.

  • Invite only trading

    Invite only trading of a listed company's shares means that only invited and shareholders can see company and participate in the trading. Company manager manages trading invitations. If shareholder sells all his shares and doesn't have (trading) invite, the user is no longer able to see the company nor participate in the trading.

    Yritysdiileri Widget is not available with invite only trading.

  • Manager

    User, which is able to manage information of listed company.

  • Yritysdiileri Widget

    Yritysdiileri Widget is a service for listed companies that allows embedding of real-time trading information to the companys webpage.

  • Minimum amount

    Minimum amount is the smallest amount of shares in a trade. It is not possible to make offer with smaller amount of shares than the companys minimum amount.

  • Pre-emption right

    Pre-emption clause, defined in company's articles of association, can give existing owners a priority in buying shares. Yritysdiileri observers these restrictions. Please contact the company or Yritysdiileri for more details.