Yritysdiiler is innovative and revolunationary service which was founded to advance the Finnish entrepreneurship. Using Yritysdiileri the entrepreneurs can divide the assosicated risks and increase the liquidity.

Investors can participate in startup companies and manage their ownership in a very easy and cost effective way. Investing in companies in early stage greatly increases the possible investment profits.

As an entrepreneur, I know that entrepreneurship is a team sport. From the companies I have founded, I have learned that the wealth is more important than the ownership percentage. From my investments I have learned that the risks should be divided.

Yritysdiileri is innovative service for companies and investors which helps you to create and distribute new wealth.

  Pietarsaari, December 2011
Olli Mäkipelto, engr., MBA


Security is area of intense focus in the development and maintenance of the Yritysdiileri.

  • We verify seller and buyer information on each trade.
  • is only available over 256-bit TLS-encrypted HTTPS connection
  • User passwords are never stored. We only keep the bare minimum (password hashes) required for user authentication.
  • Second authentication is required when making changes to user account.
  • SQL-queries protected from SQL-injection attacks.
  • Page requests are protected CSRF attacks.
  • Pages are protected from XSS attacks.

Introduction video (in Finnish)